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As the 2010-2020 decade comes to a close, it’s time to reflect on which Major League Baseball team dominated the decade. On this, sportswriters were born to disagree. They rely a lot on statistics beyond merely counting up wins or the number of World Series trophies nailed down.

Let’s power-play forward anyway to see if we can name the Top 3 MLB franchises of the past decade.

San Francisco Giants

Wait a minute. Haven’t the SF Giants been a losing team for four years running? Yes, that’s true. However, the fact remains that this team won three World Series Champions during the decade, and none other did. All came in the first half-decade. The Giants won it all in 2010, 2012, and 2014.

Only two other teams in the last 60 years have won the World Series three times in a decade. The Oakland A’s did it in the 1970s, and the New York Yankees did it in the 1990s. It’s quite an accomplishment.

Boston Red Sox

They won two World Series between 2010 and 2020. They also made it through the entire decade by winning more games than losing. Their decade record is 872 wins versus 748 losses. That’s a healthy .538 average. Staying above .500 is a gruesomely arduous task to achieve in Major League Baseball. Consider, too, that the Red Sox overall win-loss record is better than the San Francisco Giants. There are 821 wins vs. 799 losses, a .507 average.

Chicago Cubs

Like the Boston Red Sox, the Chicago Cubs broke a decades-long “curse” to win the World Series. The Cubs won it all in 2016, ending a 108-year World Series Championship drought. They also made four postseason appearances. The 2016 Championship for the Cubs was such a huge story and so dramatic that many critics believe that this single feat has earned the Chicago Cubs a slot among the past decade’s best teams.

Bonus Pick: St. Louis Cardinals

They won the World Series once and made it to postseason play six times. They beat Texas in 2011 to take home the Commissioner’s Trophy. They won the third-most games throughout the past decade among all Major League teams and had a winning record for the last decade.